Global ASN Filtering with MikroTik RouterOS 7

Are you a MikroTik RouterOS 7 user? Do you want to have better control over your network traffic worldwide? Check out this project I’ve been working on!

🛡️ What is it? 🛡️
This project provides a rule set for MikroTik RouterOS 7 users to filter network traffic by Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) on a global scale. Whether you want to restrict or route your network traffic to specific providers worldwide, this rule set can help you achieve it.

🔧 How to Use 🔧
Log in to your MikroTik management interface.
Navigate to “/routing/filter/num-list”.
Use the provided examples to add the ASNs you need or define new ones.
Save your changes and apply them to your routing policies.
That’s it! You now have a powerful rule set to control network traffic based on specific ASNs globally.

🚀 Why Use It? 🚀
This resource empowers MikroTik RouterOS 7 users to filter by ASNs worldwide, offering flexibility and control over their network infrastructure. Take a closer look at the rule set, customize it to your specific needs, and contribute to enriching this open-source project.

🌍 Get Started 🌍

Share your feedback, suggestions, or contributions to make this tool even more powerful for the community. Let’s build a better-connected world together!

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